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  SCPM College of Nursing & Paramedical Science  
  Affiliated To : U.P. State Medical Faculty, Lucknow / Indian Nursing Council, New Delhi, & Dr. Ram Manohar Lohia Avadh University,Faizabad. Recognised By : U.P. State Government, Lucknow  
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ABOUT S.C.P.M. College of Nursing and Paramedical Sciences VISION :- Our vision is to build professionally superior and ethical professionals and to empower the world with a commendable work force adept at meeting the challenges of 21st century.
MISSION :- Unique excellence in education, research and outreach for the protection, restoration and promotion of health. We focus on the delivery of health care in the context of the community and the population served. We train our students to look beyond at the health care in its widest sense and not just focusing on treating illness and injury.
AIMS :- The institute aims to become one of the nation's providers of high quality teaching and excellence in research, to prepare the next generation of outstanding leaders in health science.
OBJECTIVES :- To achieve excellence in safe health care practices. To design and implement innovative educational methods to train students, educators and scientist with the multi-disciplinary scientific research to develop latest health care technologies.
ABOUT THE BUILDING AND FACILITIES WE PROVIDE :- SCPM College of Nursing and Paramedical Sciences was established in 2008 by Chairman Dr. O. N. Pandey with an objective to impart quality education and training, thereby molding students into professionals to enable them to meet emerging trends in the nursing and paramedical domain. Our young faculty members are continuously motivated for self-development and sponsored by society for pursing higher studies. Students are awarded with a number of scholarships for their academic and extra-curricular activities.
We have our continuous thoughts, innovative ideas, future plans to implement a number of activities for versatile growth of students. Our faculties and staffs make it possible for the group to march ahead.
Mainly, we have two campuses -
A) Head Office:-
Head Office of the College is situated adjacent to S.C.P.M Hospitals and Pvt Ltd, nearby famous Dukh Haran Nath Temple at Station Road. It is 2 km away from the railway station.
B) College Campus:-
S.C.P.M College of Nursing and Paramedical Sciences, has a separate building built in around 20 acres of land situated at Lucknow road, Haripur, Gonda to meet the learning needs of students. Adjacent to it is the hostel where graduate and diploma students and staffs (females) are accommodated. Keeping the idea of optimum utilization of College campus area we have designed it with proper ventilation and maintain space without any disturbance and provide safety.


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